Medical And Senior Services

Reliable Service When You Need It

Many of us have elder parents who no longer feel comfortable driving at night or to medical appointments. We have and will drive them, stay with them throughout and bring them safely back home.

Some of our seniors live alone with little interaction with others. Perhaps they live in a condo overlooking the beach, but it’s been years since they’ve actually walked or driven on the sand! We can rent a wheelchair for them as they turn back the clock, once again enjoying what the beach has to offer!

Maybe they want someone with whom to play a game of chess, gin rummy or just listen to their stories. We’ve got big ears and huge hearts!

During the height of the Covid-19 pandemic and before vaccinations, I needed major spine surgery at a hospital in downtown Jacksonville, more than an hour drive from my home in Fernandina Beach. My husband’s increasing dementia hindered him unable to drive me. Friends, scared of the virus, declined to assist. Amelia Island Concierge Solutions arrived at an un-Godly hour to escort me for a 6:00 A.M. arrival, waited hours during the surgery, and drove me home afterwards. Being unprepared, I did not have the correct amount of money. Kathy accepted what I had, and I had to hunt her down afterwards to pay her in full. All that service with a prayer and a smile. Highly recommend.
– Patti B., Fernandina Beach, FL